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  Joy & Wonder

Comedian and storyteller Bob Stromberg, known for originating the role of "Bobby Bean" in Triple Espresso – a highly caffeinated comedy, goes solo this time, taking us on a captivating journey through life and art. In the process, everyday experiences become anything but ordinary, leading to moments of discovery and unexpected insight.

Bob's gift of mesmerizing narrative is supported by perfectly understated theatrical elements, transporting us into a fascinating, memorable experience. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes reflective, it is a creative journey that boldly embraces laughter, joy and wonder.

Funny. Poignant. Unforgettable.

Mr. Wonderboy Press

Des Moines Register - February 17, 2011
The title character in Mr. Wonder Boy dropped from the sky in a meteorite . . .funny because we know it's not true. The rest of the show is funny--and surprisingly moving--precisely because it is. continued >>>


Photo by Naomi Pierre

  Photo by Naomi Pierre

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Written by Bob Stromberg Directed by Risa Brainin